Easier navigation

Larger print to make the site more accessible and a responsive web design so that you can search speechBITE on your tablets and mobiles.

Better searching options

Search the entire website straight from the home page with our new simple search box.  New intervention categories have been added to drop-down menus on the advanced search page. You can now search for research specifically on “cognitive rehabilitation” or “social/pragmatic therapy”. We’ve also added new client population categories so that you can search for interventions specifically targeting those from a “multilingual” background or those “at risk” of a communication disorder.

Better options for managing search results

Export your results to EndNote or save them to your computer.

Clinical Practice Guidelines are being added

We are now searching for and adding clinical practice guidelines of relevance to speech pathologists. More will be added as more are published and identified as meeting the criteria for speechBITE.

Get monthly updates on new research added to speechBITE

Enter your details in our Stay Informed page and we’ll send you a monthly update of the latest papers in key areas of speech pathology.