Authors: Rochon E, Laird L, Bose A, Scofield J
Title: Mapping therapy for sentence production impairments in nonfluent aphasia
Source: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 2005 15(1): 1-36
Year: 2005
Research Design: Single Case Design

This study investigated a new treatment in which sentence production abilities were trained in a small group of individuals and non-fluent aphasia. It was based upon a mapping therapy approach which holds that sentence production and comprehension impairments are due to difficulties in mapping between the meaning form (thematic roles) and the syntactic form of sentences. We trained production of both canonical and non-canonical reversible sentences. Three patients received treatment and two served as control participants. Patients who received treatment demonstrated acquisition of all trained sentence structures. They also demonstrated across-task generalisation of treated and some untreated sentence structures on two tasks of constrained sentence production, and showed some improvements on a narrative task. One control participant improved on some of these measures and the other did not. There was no noted improvement in sentence comprehension abilities following treatment. Results are discussed with reference to the heterogeneity of underlying impairments in sentence production impairments in non-fluent patients, and the possible mechanisms by which improvement in sentence production might have been achieved in treatment.

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