Authors: Block S, Onslow M, Roberts R, White S
Title: Control of stuttering with EMG Feedback
Source: Advances in Speech Language Pathology 2004 6(2): 100-106
Year: 2004
Research Design: Case Series

There are considerable advantages to instrument based treatments for stuttering, because they have potential to maximize the involvement of the client in the treatment process. The present report is an attempted replication of one of three such treatments that are currently available: computerized EMG feedback. Participants were 12 children and adolescents in a similar age range to the Craig et al. (1996) nonrandomized, controlled trial. Two experienced clinicians and two student clinicians presented the treatment as outlined in the Craig (1998) manual, using the requisite EMG equipment, for 6 h per day over five consecutive days. Subjects showed a reduction of 48.9% of their stuttering during reading conditions after the treatment and a reduction of 36.7% of stuttering after the treatment during conversation. During the post-treatment period participants were speaking at a mean of 111 syllables per minute, which is around half the expected speech rate for Australians in this age group. It is concluded that the EMG procedure certainly warrants consideration as a complement to other stuttering treatments, but that further work is needed to establish its value as a stand-alone treatment.

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