Authors: Bonfiglio CM, Daly EJ, Persampieri M, Andersen M
Title: An Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Reading Interventions in a Small Group Reading Instruction Context
Source: Journal of Behavioral Education 2006 15(2): 92-108
Year: 2006
Research Design: Single Case Design

The current study examined the effects of several combinations of instructional and motivational interventions on oral reading fluency in the context of small group reading instruction. A treatment package consisting of acquisition, fluency, and motivational components was examined and then dismantled. Results were evaluated individually for each participant using a multiple-probe design in order to identify the most effective, yet efficient reading intervention package for each member of the group. The results indicated that, although all potential combinations of the package were effective, the experimental analysis was able to identify an effective yet more efficient package that produced substantial increases in performance across all students. Results are discussed in terms of effective instructional components in small group instruction and how to adapt methods for the experimental analysis of behavior to make decisions about the effectiveness of small group instruction in reading. ©Springer

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