Authors: Crosbie S, Pine C, Holm A, Dodd B
Title: Treating Jarrod: a core vocabulary approach
Source: Advances in Speech Language Pathology 2006 8(3): 316-321
Year: 2006
Research Design: Single Case Design

This paper is the final paper in a special issue of Advances in Speech-Language Pathology. The paper presents an intervention case study of a 7 year old child with severe phonological difficulties described in Holm and Crosbie (2006). Dodd et al. (2006) hypothesised that Jarrod had an underlying deficit of generating phonological plans for word production and suggested that Jarrod would benefit from core vocabulary therapy. This paper reports on one block of core vocabulary therapy undertaken with Jarrod. Pre- and post-intervention measures showed that Jarrod made significant progress. His speech became more consistent and his accuracy (percent consonants correct) increased.

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