Authors: Koegel RL, Koegel LK, Van Voy K, Ingham JC
Title: Within-Clinic versus outside-of-Clinic Self-Monitoring of Articulation to Promote Generalization
Source: Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 1988 53(4): 392-399
Year: 1988
Research Design: Single Case Design

The purpose of this study was to assess the generalization of correct articulation to nontreatment environments when self-monitoring procedures were implemented within versus outside of the clinic setting. Seven children who substituted /theta/ and /o/ for /s/ and /z/ participated in this study. Data were collected in the context of a multiple baseline design replicated across subjects. The children initially self-monitored their correct articulation during conversation in the clinic setting where treatment was implemented. Then, after varying intervals, self-monitoring outside of the clinic setting was introduced as well. The results showed that when the children monitored their speech within the clinic setting only, no generalization of correct target sound production outside of the clinic setting occurred. However, after the children were required to monitor their speech outside of the clinic setting, rapid and widespread generalization was measured. These results are discussed in relation to practical and theoretical implications. Additional data collected on number of responses, the accuracy of the children's monitoring, and the percentage of correct responses are also discussed.

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