Authors: Tyler AA, Edwards ML, Saxman JH
Title: Clinical Application of Two Phonologically Based Treatment Procedures
Source: Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 1987 52(4): 393-409
Year: 1987
Research Design: Single Case Design

Two phonological process-based treatment procedures were applied in an ongoing clinical program. Subjects were 4 children aged 3:1, 3:8, 4:1, and 5:1. Two subjects were assigned to a minimal pairs contrasting procedure, and 2 were assigned to a modified cycles procedure based on results of a detailed phonological analysis. All children demonstrated marked changes in their phonological systems as shown by the results of pretreatment and follow-up generalization probes. Correct production generalized to sounds affected by the treatment process that were not a focus of training. Correct production of untrained sounds lagged behind that of trained sounds for all subjects. Results support the hypothesis that articulation remediation is enhanced by treating phonological processes as well as the notion that the acquisition of phonology is a gradual process. Both treatment procedures used in this study were found to be effective and efficient, as evidenced by the elimination of up to three phonological processes within 2 1/2 months for each subject.

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