Authors: Wambaugh JL, Duffy JR, McNeil MR, Robin DA, Rogers MA
Title: Treatment Guidelines for Acquired Apraxia of Speech: A Synthesis and Evaluation of the Evidence
Source: Journal of Medical Speech Language Pathology 2006 14(2): 15-33
Year: 2006
Research Design: Systematic Review

This report provides a summary and critical appraisal of the evidence utilized in the development of treatment guidelines for acquired apraxia of speech (AOS). This systematic review of the AOS treatment literature is a result of the efforts of the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS) Writing Committee of Treatment Guidelines for AOS. Fifty-nine publications that met inclusion criteria were reviewed in terms of 33 variables pertaining to issues such as subject, treatment, and outcome descriptions, and scientific adequacy. Although the review revealed many weaknesses in the evidence base, findings indicated that patients with AOS can benefit from treatment.

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