Authors: Weismer SE, Murray-Branch J
Title: Modeling versus Modeling Plus Evoked Production Training: A Comparison of Two Language Intervention Methods
Source: Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 1989 54(2): 269-281
Year: 1989
Research Design: Single Case Design

The effectiveness of two language intervention procedures, modeling versus modeling plus evoked production, was compared using a single-subject alternating treatments design. Four language-disordered children (5:5-6:11) participated in the study, consisting of four baseline sessions and 10-14 training sessions. There was no marked difference in the effectiveness of the modeling procedure and the modeling plus evoked production procedure as measured by performance on generalization probes following each training session. In fact, the highest levels of accuracy attained under the two training procedures were quite comparable. There was a tendency, however, for the modeling plus evoked production treatment to result in a slightly more stable pattern of acquisition for 3 of the subjects. Although steps were taken to minimize multiple-treatment interference, the possibility of these effects must be considered, and caution should be taken in interpreting these findings to mean that these two intervention methods would produce equivalent results when administered independently.

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