Authors: Williams AL
Title: Multiple oppositions: theoretical foundations for an alternative contrastive intervention approach
Source: American Journal of Speech Language Pathology 2000 9(4): 282-288
Year: 2000
Research Design: Single Case Design

A multiple opposition approach to phonological intervention is described as an alternative contrastive approach for the treatment of severe speech disorders in children. The development and theoretical constructs of this approach are presented within the context of a clinical case study. The multiple opposition approach is based on the premise that the systemic level of phonological organization is essential in the description and intervention of disordered sound systems. Phonological descriptions identify phoneme collapses, which are viewed as phonologic strategies developed by the child to accommodate a limited sound system relative to the full adult system of the ambient language. Intervention is then directed systemically across the child's entire rule, or collapse, by using larger treatment sets of multiple oppositions rather than by one contrast at a time.

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