Authors: Soto G, Yu B, Kelso J
Title: Effectiveness of multifaceted narrative intervention on the stories told by a 12-year-old girl who uses AAC
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2008 24(1): 76-87
Year: 2008
Research Design: Single Case Design

Children who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) have been found to experience difficulties in the elicited generation of both personal and fictional narratives. The purpose of this single case study was to evaluate the effects of a multifaceted intervention program designed to support the development of autonomous narrative skills in children who used AAC. The relationship between exposure to the intervention program and increases in the narrative skills of the focus child was investigated using a single case, multiple probe baseline design. Results indicate that the narratives of the focus child improved in both linguistic and story complexity following intervention. Implications of these findings are discussed in light of the specific needs of this population of users of AAC.

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