Authors: Wanzek J, Vaughn S, Wexler J, Swanson EA, Edmonds M, Kim AH
Title: A Synthesis of Spelling and Reading Interventions and Their Effects on the Spelling Outcomes of Students With LD
Source: Journal of Learning Disabilities 2006 39(6): 528-543
Year: 2006
Research Design: Systematic Review

Previous research studies examining the effects of spelling and reading interventions on the spelling outcomes of students with learning disabilities (LD) are synthesized. An extensive search of the professional literature between 1995 and 2003 yielded a total of 19 intervention studies that provided spelling and reading interventions to students with LD and measured spelling outcomes. Findings revealed that spelling outcomes were consistently improved following spelling interventions that included explicit instruction with multiple practice opportunities and immediate corrective feedback after the word was misspelled. Furthermore, evidence from spelling interventions that employed assistive technology aimed at spelling in written compositions indicated positive effects on spelling outcomes.

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