Authors: de Swart BJM, van Engelen BGM, Maassen BAM
Title: Warming up improves speech production in patients with adult onset myotonic dystrophy
Source: Journal of Communication Disorders 2007 40(3): 185-195
Year: 2007
Research Design: Case Series

This investigation was conducted to study whether warming up decreases myotonia (muscle stiffness) during speech production or causes adverse effects due to fatigue or exhaustion caused by intensive speech activity in patients with adult onset myotonic dystrophy. Thirty patients with adult onset myotonic dystrophy (MD) and ten healthy controls were examined, using a protocol that requires subjects, to speak continuously for at least 10 min. In MD patients, warming up led to an increase in speech rate and a decrease in speech variability without causing signs of fatigue or exhaustion as a result of prolonged and intensive use of the speech musculature. No significant changes were found in the controls. After warming up, MD patients achieved a habitual speech rate in reading and reciting similar to that of healthy controls.

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