Authors: Pinto JA, da Silva Freitas MLA, Carpes AF, Zimath P, Marquis V, Godoy L
Title: Autologous grafts for treatment of vocal sulcus and atrophy
Source: Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 2007 137(5): 785-791
Year: 2007
Research Design: Case Series

OBJECTIVES: To obtain complete glottal closure, and evaluate improvement of vocal fold vibration amplitude and vocal quality in patients with sulcus vocalis. METHODS: Autogenous fat and/or fascia augmentation was used in 34 patients with sulcus vocalis. Mean follow-up time was 1 year. The perceptual acoustic and phonatory functions and videolaryngostroboscopic data were evaluated before and after the procedure. RESULTS: Most of the individuals reported an improvement of vocal quality, a complete glottal closure, an enhancement of mucosal wave excursion, and significant results of acoustic perceptual and phonatory functions after the surgery. CONCLUSION: Fat and fascia injections are effective autogenous implants and should be considered options in the treatment of patients with sulcus vocalis and vocal fold atrophy.

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