Authors: Angell ME, Bailey RL, Larson L
Title: Systematic Instruction for Social-Pragmatic Language Skills in Lunchroom Settings
Source: Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities 2008 43(3): 342-359
Year: 2008
Research Design: Single Case Design

This study involved the extension and adaptation of systematic instructional procedures suggested by Light and Binger (1998) to increase the social-pragmatic language skills of five high school students with moderate cognitive disabilities. Within a single-subject multiple probe research design, we also assessed intervention effects on two skills targeted by classroom teachers. The three primary target behaviors were taking obligatory turns, taking nonobligatory turns, and asking partner-focused questions. The two secondary target behaviors were conversing with appropriate eye contact and using appropriate tone of voice in conversational speech. Overall, results showed positive effects of the intervention on participants' skills with some variability in student performance in generalization (lunchroom) settings. Further research on the effects of various systematic instructional strategies on the social-pragmatic skills of individuals with various disabilities in multiple settings is recommended.

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