Authors: Bailey RL, Angell ME
Title: Improving Feeding Skills and Mealtime Behaviors in Children and Youth with Disabilities
Source: Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities 2005 40(1): 80-96
Year: 2005
Research Design: Single Case Design

A single-subject multiple treatment design counterbalanced across nine participants with moderate to severe and multiple disabilities was used to determine the efficacy of a school-based multi-treatment package (a combined dysphagia treatment and positive reinforcement behavior management program) for children and youth (ages 4-17) with feeding problems as compared to use of a dysphagia treatment program or a positive reinforcement behavior management program alone. While results found improvement in development of feeding skills and positive mealtime behaviors with all intervention programs, the combined intervention package was the most effective intervention strategy. These results may help professionals establish best practices for treatment of feeding problems in schools.

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