Authors: Mathy-Laikko P, Iacono T, Ratcliff A, Villarruel F, Yoder D, Gregg V
Title: Teaching a child with multiple disabilities to use a tactile augmentative communication device
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 1989 5(4): 249-256
Year: 1989
Research Design: Single Case Design

A single case ABA design was used to determine the preferences for tactile surfaces of a child with multiple disabilities including deaf-blindness. Within each session the child tended to depress a switch covered with a velveteen surface more frequently than switches covered with other textured surfaces. In a second phase of the study (BC design) the child’s preferred surface was paired with a contingent response of social interaction from her caregiver. The child appeared to become more selective in her activation of the switch with her preferred surface, but did not increase her overall level of activation. Finally, it was found that the child switched to a high proportion of usage of a different surface when it, rather than the velveteen, was paired with the contingent social response.

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