Authors: Reichle J, Barrett C, Tetlie RR, McQuarter RJ
Title: The effect of prior intervention to establish generalized requesting on the acquisition of object labels
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 1987 3(1): 3-11
Year: 1987
Research Design: Single Case Design

The effect of prior intervention to establish a generalized requesting response (i.e., “want”) on the acquisition of object labels in two learners with severe handicaps was examined. Pairs of objects were equated for reinforcement strength. One member from each of two object pairs was assigned as a reinforcer during a generalized requesting intervention. The remaining object member was never used as a stimulus item or reinforcer during generalized request training (consequently, it had no previous history of being associated with a generalized request symbol “want”). Subsequently, manual signs or graphic symbols for object labels were taught in pairs utilizing a multiple probe design across object sets. Results indicated that prior generalized request training did not influence acquisition or generalized use of object labels. Implications for the sequencing of initial communication intervention targets are discussed.

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