Authors: Spiegel BB, Benjamin BJ, Spiegel SA
Title: One method to increase spontaneous use of an assistive communication device: Case study
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 1993 9(2): 111-118
Year: 1993
Research Design: Single Case Design

This report presents a case study of a 19-year-old adolescent male with a severe physical impairment and a mild-to-moderate cognitive deficit. Based upon classroom observations, it was noted that he infrequently used his assistive communication device (Touch Talker) for conversational interaction. A training program was designed to teach (1) accessing of specific three- to six-word sentences and (2) production of the learned sentence following spoken cues. Observations of communication behavior within his daily environment were made to determine use of his communication device. Results indicated rapid learning of the targeted sentences and subsequent spontaneous production of the sentences following spoken cues. A concomitant increase in spontaneous use of his device for daily activities within the classroom and community was also observed.

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