Authors: Spragale DM, Micucci D
Title: Signs of the Week: A functional approach to manual sign training
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 1990 6(1): 29-37
Year: 1990
Research Design: Case Series

A problem exists in training direct care staff that work with developmentally disabled populations to be aware of the use of manual signs as a communication system and to use this system functionally within their environments. Traditional sign training procedures usually focus on acquisition through a classroom design, often neglecting the essential function of a communication system. Signs of the Week is an environmental approach to manual sign training for direct care staff, which focuses on these staff acquiring and consistently using manual signs with each other and the clients they serve. This approach provides a unique way for direct care staff to learn and use manual signs while on the job. This article describes the development of the Signs of the Week program from vocabulary selection to evaluation.

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