Authors: Hetzroni OE, Belfiore PJ
Title: Preschoolers with communication impairments play Shrinking Kim: An interactive computer storytelling intervention for teaching Blissymbols
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2000 16(4): 260-269
Year: 2000
Research Design: Single Case Design

A single-subject multiple-probe research design across three sets of symbols was used to investigate the effects of an interactive computer-assisted intervention procedure for learning Blissymbols. The study involved three preschoolers with communication impairments. Blissymbolics, a graphic symbol representation system used by individuals with severe communication impairments, was implemented in a storytelling paradigm for teaching 24 elements and 24 compound Blissymbols. A multimedia interactive computer software program was developed for implementing screening, baseline, storytelling presentation, intervention, and probes during acquisition, retention, and generalization of Blissymbols. Results indicated that intervention was effective for the three participants across the three sets of symbols. Children reached mastery and retained their knowledge during maintenance probes. Nine novel compounds were tested for generalization during intervention and maintenance. Generalization occurred only after learning all three symbol sets.

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