Authors: Winterling V
Title: The Effects of Constant Time Delay, Practice in Writing or Spelling, and Reinforcement on Sight Word Reading Recognition in a Small Group
Source: The Journal of Special Education 1990 24(1): 101-116
Year: 1990
Research Design: Single Case Design

The role of a treatment package consisting of constant time delay, practice in writing or spelling target words, and token reinforcement in teaching sight word recognition to a small group of three students in a learning and behaviour disorders resource room was evaluated in this investigation. In the context of a multiple probe analysis, it was demonstrated that all students acquired the target sight words only after training. Additionally, two students showed modest increases in writing or spelling the target words on which they received practice, and all three students learned some words through the observation of their peers. The limitations of the present investigation are discussed, and directions for future research are provided.

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