Authors: Alber-Morgan SR, Ramp EM, Anderson LL, Martin CM
Title: Effects of Repeated Readings, Error Correction, and Performance Feedback on the Fluency and Comprehension of Middle School Students with Behavior Problems
Source: The Journal of Special Education 2007 41(1): 17-30
Year: 2007
Research Design: Single Case Design

This study used a multiple-baseline-across-students design to examine the effects of repeated readings combined with systematic error correction and performance feedback on the reading fluency and comprehension of 4 middle school students attending an outpatient day treatment program for their behavior problems. Additionally, a brief prediction strategy was added to the repeated readings package during the third phase of the study. Results indicated a functional relationship of repeated readings with error correction and performance feedback on increased reading rate for 3 of the 4 students, and decreased errors for all 4 students. Additionally, improvement for both literal and inferential reading was demonstrated by all 4 students. The effects of the prediction component were inconclusive.

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