Authors: Campbell PH, Milbourne S, Dugan LM, Wilcox MJ
Title: A Review of Evidence on Practices for Teaching Young Children to Use Assistive Technology Devices
Source: Topics in Early Childhood Special Education 2006 26(1): 3-13
Year: 2006
Research Design: Systematic Review

Published articles about assistive technology (AT) from 1980 through 2004 were reviewed to identify those that focused on infants and young children. A total of 104 articles about AT with infants and toddlers were identified, and of these, 23 reported practices for teaching switch activation (12), computer use (6), power mobility skills (4), or augmentative and alternative communication (1). A majority of the subjects were children with physical or multiple disabilities. Studies used group, single-subject, and case study reports. Only one study used random assignment to conditions. Across all devices, the primary teaching strategy was opportunity to access and use the device, either independently or with teacher or peer facilitation. For the most part, children learned to use the targeted device and gained competence in device use through practice.

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