Authors: Loncola JA, Craig-Unkefer L
Title: Teaching Social Communication Skills to Young Urban Children with Autism
Source: Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities 2005 40(3): 243-263
Year: 2005
Research Design: Single Case Design

This study examined effects of an intervention designed to improve the social-communication skills of children with autism. Five boys and one girl, with an age range of six to eight years and a diagnosis of autism, participated in the study. Children were paired in dyads and a multiple baseline design was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan-play-report intervention. Unique because two children with autism received intervention at the same time, results indicated that the intervention was successful in increasing peer-directed commenting, language diversity, and complexity. Results of this study indicate that a plan-play-report intervention provided simultaneously to two children with autism is a viable method for improving the social communication skills of both children.

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