Authors: Bose A, Square PA, Schlosser R, van Lieshout P
Title: Effects of PROMPT therapy on speech motor function in a person with aphasia and apraxia of speech
Source: Aphasiology 2001 15(8): 767-785
Year: 2001
Research Design: Single Case Design

This research examined the effectiveness of PROMPT treatment, a tactile–kinaesthetic speech motor treatment, on the acquisition and generalisation of precision and automaticity of speech movements in an individual with Broca's aphasia and apraxia of speech. Using a single subject multiple probe design across behaviours, treatment effects and generalisation were examined for three linguistically different forms of sentences including imperatives, active declaratives, and interrogatives. Results indicated improved speech precision and sequencing of speech movements for trained and untrained sentences for imperative and active declarative forms only. There was no effect of treatment on the interrogatives. Findings are discussed in the context of motor facilitation and its relationship to the linguistic complexity of utterances. Furthermore, the relevance of the interface between motor– linguistic processes in individuals with aphasia and apraxia of speech and implications for resource allocation constructs are addressed.

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