Authors: Murray LL, Holland AL
Title: The language recovery of acutely aphasic patients receiving different therapy regimens
Source: Aphasiology 1995 9(4): 397-405
Year: 1995
Research Design: Single Case Design

Examined the conversational approach and the didactic therapy approach to the treatment of early aphasia. The language samples of 2 pairs of aphasic patients, differing in both type and severity of aphasia, were analyzed. One patient in each pair was given only conversational treatment (CVT) and the other was given conversational treatment combined with didactic treatment. Language analyses, consisting of linguistic and pragmatic components, was carried out, and comparisons were made in terms of the treatment approach. Overall results indicate that all patients, regardless of therapy regimen, showed linguistic and pragmatic recovery during the acute phase of their aphasias. However, the CVT patient in Pair No. 1 displayed greater improvement and performance on all linguistic and pragmatic measures.

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