Authors: Wambaugh JL, Linebaugh CW, Doyle PJ, Martinez AL, Kalinyak-Fliszar M, Spencer KA
Title: Effects of two cueing treatments on lexical retrieval in aphasic speakers with different levels of deficit
Source: Aphasiology 2001 15(10-11): 933-950
Year: 2001
Research Design: Single Case Design

The effects of two cueing treatments for lexical retrieval were examined with three aphasic speakers who demonstrated different levels of lexical processing impairment (i.e., predominately semantic, predominately phonologic, and mixed semantic-phonologic). Each speaker received both treatments, with treatments being applied sequentially to different word lists in a multiple baseline design. Both treatments consisted of a pre-stimulation phase followed by the application of a response-contingent cueing hierarchy. One treatment employed semantic-level cueing, whereas the other treatment utilised phonologic-level cueing. All participants evidenced a positive response to both of the treatments and one participant (predominately phonologic-level deficit) showed a superior response to lexical-semantic treatment.

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