Authors: Byers-Brown B, Ives L
Title: The re-education of a dysphasic adult: An experiment in co-operation between a speech therapist and an educational psychologist
Source: British Journal of Disorders of Communication 1969 4(2): 176-196
Year: 1969
Research Design: Single Case Design

The re-education of the adult with acquired dysphasia is frequently the responsibility and concern of the speech therapist alone. This is almost certainly the case when the patient has no severe accompanying physical disabilities. When the patient is stricken in middle life at a time when his earning power should be at its height and his professional and domestic responsibilities may be at their most demanding, the onus upon the speech therapist is very great. The need for objective evaluation and therapeutic suggestions from members of other disciplines is very real and very welcome. The following case history is presented in order to show the increased possibilities that may arise as the result of co-operation between the speech therapist and educational psychologist.

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