Authors: Tateya I, Omori K, Kojima H, Hirano S, Kaneko K, Ito J
Title: Steroid injection to vocal nodules using fiberoptic laryngeal surgery under topical anesthesia
Source: European Archives of Oto Rhino Laryngology 2004 261(9): 489-492
Year: 2004
Research Design: Case Series

Since 1990, we have performed steroid injection into the vocal fold by fiberoptic laryngeal surgery (FLS) under local anesthesia. In this study, the usefulness of this method was evaluated in 28 patients with vocal nodules. Under monitoring using a fiberoptic laryngoscope, a curved injection needle was inserted via the oral cavity and steroid was injected. Endoscopic findings showed that the vocal nodule had disappeared in 17 patients of the 27 patients and decreased in 10 after injection. The maximum phonation time was 10.9 s before operation and 13.9 s after operation, showing a significant increase (P<0.05), and the mean flow rate also showed a significant improvement (P<0.05). The patients self-rating concerning hoarseness demonstrated great improvement after injection. This technique can be performed under local anesthesia in combination with voice therapy on an outpatient basis, and it is considered to be useful for treating vocal nodules. ©Springer

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