Authors: Treole K, Trudeau MD
Title: Changes in sustained production tasks among women with bilateral vocal nodules before and after voice therapy
Source: Journal Of Voice 1997 11(4): 462-469
Year: 1997
Research Design: Case Series

The purpose of the current study was to determine how maximum phonation duration (MPD) of five notes (C4, D4, E4, F4, G4) sustained on /o/, sustained vowels (/i/, /ae/, /a/, /u/), and s/z ratio (sustained /s/ and /z/) changed during voice therapy for vocal nodules. Voices of adult females before treatment and after resolution of vocal nodules were analyzed via the PM Pitch Analyzer. Treatment included tension reduction, abuse identification and elimination, laryngeal strengthening, and home exercises. Results indicate there was no significant difference in maximum phonation duration or S/Z ratio before and after treatment. Results revealed that females with vocal nodules demonstrate measurements before therapy similar to measures considered to be normal in persons without vocal nodules. Application of findings to clinical practice is discussed.

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