Authors: Ziolkowski RA, Goldstein H
Title: Effects of an embedded phonological awareness intervention during repeated book reading on preschool children with language delays
Source: Journal of Early Intervention 2008 31(1): 67-90
Year: 2008
Research Design: Single Case Design

Efficacy of an explicit phonological awareness intervention embedded within repeated shared book reading with preschool children from low-income backgrounds with language delays was investigated. A multiple-baseline design across behaviors assessed the effects of phonological awareness training on rhyme and letter-sound knowledge with 13 preschool children with language delays from high-poverty communities. Rhyme intervention improved children's rhyme production and rhyme identification. Initial sound intervention enhanced children's alliteration and initial sound fluency skills. These effects were replicated within and across all 13 participants. Classroom teachers perceived meaningful changes in rhyme and letter-sound production. Interventionists and teachers reported high satisfaction with the procedures. Embedding an explicit phonological awareness intervention into repeated storybook reading resulted in improved emergent literacy skills for children at high risk for reading disorders.

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