Authors: Bernard-Opitz V, Sriram N, Sapuan S
Title: Enhancing Vocal Imitations in Children with Autism using the IBM SpeechViewer
Source: Autism 1999 3(2): 131-147
Year: 1999
Research Design: Case Series

This experiment compared the effect of computerized visual feedback (computer assisted instruction) with traditional play interaction (personal instruction) in promoting vocal imitation in children with autism. Nonverbal children (N = 10) with autism participated in ten sessions. Each session was composed of four sections: a parent and a trainer interacted with the child on the computer or using play interactions. The study was conducted as a simultaneous treatment design and the sequence of experimental conditions was randomized across sessions. Participants showed significantly greater vocal imitations in the computer-assisted instruction condition, compared with the personal instruction condition. This trend was present in 9 out of 10 children. Vocal imitations increased across the sessions, with greater increments in the computer-assisted instruction condition. These effects were consistent across both parent and trainer. The final, definitive version of this paper has been published by SAGE Publications Ltd, All rights reserved ©

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