Authors: Koegel RL, Shirotova L, Koegel LK
Title: Brief report: using individualized orienting cues to facilitate first-word acquisition in non-responders with autism
Source: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2009 39(11): 1587-1592
Year: 2009
Research Design: Single Case Design

Though considerable progress has been made in developing techniques for improving the acquisition of expressive verbal communication in children with autism, research has documented that 10-25% still fail to develop speech. One possible technique that could be significant in facilitating responding for this nonverbal subgroup of children is the use of orienting cues. Using a multiple baseline design, this study examined whether individualized orienting cues could be identified, and whether their presentation would result in verbal expressive words. The results suggest that using individualized orienting cues can increase correct responding to verbal models as well as subsequent word use. Theoretical and applied implications of orienting cues as they relate to individualized programming for children with autism are discussed. ©Springer

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