Authors: Kok AJ, Kong TY, Bernard-Opitz V
Title: A comparison of the effects of structured play and facilitated play approaches on preschoolers with autism. A case study
Source: Autism 2002 6(2): 181-196
Year: 2002
Research Design: Single Case Design

This study compared the effect of structured play (SP) and facilitated play (FP) in promoting spontaneity and responsiveness in communication and play behaviors in children with autism. SP is characterized by the use of mass practice trials under the instruction of the experimenter while FP incorporated incidental teaching with multiple exemplars. Eight preschoolers participated in a crossover design of both play conditions. Gains in appropriate communication and play were observed across both treatments. Respondent communicative acts occurred more frequently across all participants during SP compared with FP. The preliminary results indicate an interaction between the mental age of the child and the teaching paradigm used. The need to match treatment goals and specific methods of the play intervention to the skill profile of participants is discussed. The final, definitive version of this paper has been published by SAGE Publications Ltd, All rights reserved ©

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