Authors: Mechling LC, Gast DL, Langone J
Title: Computer-Based Video Instruction To Teach Persons with Moderate Intellectual Disabilities To Read Grocery Aisle Signs and Locate Items
Source: The Journal of Special Education 2002 35(4): 224-240
Year: 2002
Research Design: Single Case Design

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of computer-based video instruction to teach generalized reading of words found on grocery store aisle signs and the location of the corresponding grocery items within those aisles. A multiple probe design across three sets of words, replicated across four students with moderate intellectual disabilities, was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the computerbased video program. All training sessions occurred through simulation using the computer-based program with "life-like" video recordings of multiple examples of three grocery stores. All generalization probes, including generalized reading of target words in a novel grocery store, were assessed in actual grocery stores. Results indicated that the computer-based video program alone was successful in teaching generalized reading of aisle signs and the location of items and that students generalized responding to a novel grocery store. Results are discussed in terms of the advantages of computer-based video instruction.

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