Authors: Eales C, Pring T
Title: Using individual and group therapy to remediate word finding difficulties
Source: Aphasiology 1998 12(10): 913-918
Year: 1998
Research Design: Case Series

Several studies have shown that the word finding problems of people with dysphasia may be treated by the use of lexical semantic therapy. Clinicians may be concerned, however, that comparatively large amounts of therapy time are required to make relatively small gains. An experiment is reported in which four subjects were first treated individually on different but complimentary sets of words. This was followed by group therapy in which they were asked to use the words in conversational settings. Gains were made on the treated words after individual therapy and on words used in conversation after group therapy and were maintained at a follow up assessment. The method offers a way of treating word finding problems which is both more naturalistic and more economical of therapy resources.

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