Authors: David RM, Enderby P, Bainton D
Title: Progress report on an evaluation of speech therapy for aphasia
Source: British Journal of Disorders of Communication 1979 14(2): 85-88
Year: 1979
Research Design: Randomised Controlled Trial
Rating Score: 02/10
This rating is confirmed
Eligibility specified - N
Random allocation - Y
Concealed allocation - N
Baseline comparability - N
Blind subjects - N
Blind therapists - N
Blind assessors - Y
Adequate follow-up - N
Intention-to-treat analysis - N
Between-group comparisons - N
Point estimates and variability - N

A feasibility study of a proposed evaluation of speech therapy for acquired aphasia is described. Patients were allocated randomly to either individual speech therapy or an equal amount of intervention from untrained volunteers. Their progress was closely followed for 12 weeks of treatment and subsequently until the end of one year. Thirteen patients completed the study and the results are reported. After some minor changes to the Protocol the Study continues as a large scale, multicentre project.

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