Authors: Fredman M
Title: The effect of therapy given in Hebrew on the home language of the bilingual or polyglot adult aphasic in Israel
Source: British Journal of Disorders of Communication 1975 10(1): 61-69
Year: 1975
Research Design: Single Case Design

A group of 40 bilingual or polygot adult aphasics in Haifa, Israel, were tested and retested after three months of speech therapy conducted in Hebrew. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of therapy in Hebrew on the patient's home language. The Wepman and Jones Language Modality Test of Aphasia (L.M.T.A.) was adapted and translated into Hebrew. A home language questionnaire was also devised in order to compare results before and after therapy both in Hebrew and in the patient's home langauge. The correlation coefficient between results on the L.M.T.A. and the patient's home language were significantly high. The results suggest that therapy in Hebrew had a positive effect on the patient's skill in communication in his home language.

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