Authors: Freed DB, Marshall RC, Nippold MA
Title: Comparison of personalized cueing and provided cueing on the facilitation of verbal labeling by aphasic subjects
Source: Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 1995 38(5): 1081-1090
Year: 1995
Research Design: Case Series

This study investigated the effects of two associative learning tasks on aphasic subjects' labeling of novel symbols. It was designed to determine if aphasic subjects need to develop their own associations for word-symbols pairs (personalized cueing) to obtain the long-term labeling benefits observed in prior research or if comparable results are obtained when "ready-made" associations are used during training (provided cueing). The results showed that the two cueing techniques were equal in their ability to elicit correct responses from the subjects. The results also demonstrated the long-term effectiveness of both cueing procedures on the subjects' labeling accuracy up to 30 days after training was discontinued.

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