Authors: Hinckley JJ, Craig HK
Title: Influence of rate of treatment on the naming abilities of adults with chronic aphasia
Source: Aphasiology 1998 12(11): 989-1006
Year: 1998
Research Design: Case Series

There is a lack of empirical evidence on which clinicians can base their daily decisions about aphasia treatment rate and duration. The purpose of this series of 3 studies was to review the outcomes of various rates of speech/language therapy on the naming performances of adults with aphasia. A retrospective pre/post design was employed with a total of 40 Ss (aged 19-78 yrs) across studies. Results revealed the significant positive effects of intensive speech/language therapy on the naming skills of adults with aphasia, and that these improvements were greater than those obtained during non-intensive treatment. Although there are limitations of the treatment-based, retrospective research design, this line of research contributes to the ability of rehabilitation professionals to make appropriate treatment recommendations regarding treatment rate.

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