Authors: Hartelius L, Wising C, Nord L
Title: Speech modification in dysarthria associated with multiple sclerosis: An intervention based on vocal efficiency, contrastive stress, and verbal repair strategies
Source: Journal of Medical Speech Language Pathology 1997 5(2): 113-139
Year: 1997
Research Design: Single Case Design

Seven consecutively referred dysarthric individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) participated in an intervention program based on principles of increased vocal efficiency as well as effective use of contrastive stress and verbal repair strategies. The individuals with MS represented varying degrees of functional disability as well as severity of dysarthria. Results of therapy were perceptually evaluated pairwise for each individual (pre- and post-therapy) in randomized order by independent judges. Five of the seven individuals showed increased articulatory precision, vocal accuracy, and naturalness post-therapy. The individuals with a modest or negative overall therapy outcome were nevertheless able to increase their ability to signal stress and to make qualitatively superior verbal repairs to a greater extent post- than pretherapy. Individual differences were explored using acoustic analysis and are discussed.

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