Authors: Johannsen-Horback H, Celga B, Mager U, Schempp B, Wallesch C-W
Title: Treatment of chronic global aphasia with a nonverbal communication system
Source: Brain and Language 1985 24(1): 74-82
Year: 1985
Research Design: Single Case Design

Four chronic global aphasics were treated with Blissymbols (C. K. Bliss, 1965, Semantography-Blissymbolics, Sydney: Semantography Pub.). As soon as possible the therapeutic communication was based solely on the use of the symbols. Three patients seemed to benefit from therapy. In one case therapy had to be discontinued because of massive perseveration. In one patient expression of needs relied solely on the use of the symbols. In another, expressive speech could be restored to such an extent that communication by the use of symbols was discontinued.

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