Authors: Wambaugh J, Cameron R, Kalinyak-Fliszar M, Nessler C, Wright S
Title: Retrieval of action names in aphasia: Effects of two cueing treatments
Source: Aphasiology 2004 18(11): 979-1004
Year: 2004
Research Design: Single Case Design

BACKGROUND: The treatment of word-retrieval deficits in aphasia has most frequently focused on the retrieval of object names. The retrieval of action names has received relatively little attention in terms of rehabilitation despite the important role played by verbs in communication. Treatments that have been successful in promoting improved object name retrieval cannot be assumed to also facilitate improved action name retrieval. AIMS: The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effects of two cueing treatments on the retrieval of action names with speakers with chronic aphasia. METHODS AND PROCEDURES: The effects of two cueing treatments, Phonological Cueing Treatment (PCT) and Semantic Cueing Treatment (SCT), were examined with five speakers with aphasia. Treatment effects on. action naming were measured using single subject, multiple baseline, and alternating treatments designs. OUTCOMES AND RESULTS: Results varied across participants. For two speakers, both treatments produced strong positive increases in naming, with effects being similar across treatments. For two other speakers, modest increases in correct naming were observed and for the remaining speaker, no increases were found. CONCLUSIONS: These findings indicate that PCT and SCT may have utility in facilitating action naming for some speakers with aphasia, but that the effects may vary across speakers.

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