Authors: Deloche G, Hannequin D, Dordain M, Metz-Lutz M-N, Kremin G, Tessier C, Vendrell J, Cardebat D, Perrier D, Quint S, Pichard B
Title: Diversity of patterns of improvement in confrontation naming rehabilitation: Some tentative hypotheses
Source: Journal of Communication Disorders 1997 30(1): 11-22
Year: 1997
Research Design: Single Case Design

Examined the efficacy of written therapy for and the variety of relationships between oral and written naming processes in 18 aphasic stroke patients (aged 22-76 yrs) with word-finding difficulties in picture naming. Time postonset ranged from 5 mo to 13 yrs. Before training, a standardized naming battery was administered to Ss for written and for oral naming (pre-test). Results indicate a variety of patterns of improvement for written naming and of learning effects during therapy among individual Ss. Patterns of relationships between written and oral naming behaviors were observed. A variety of treatment outcomes were discussed.

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