Authors: Oelschlaeger ML, Scarborough J
Title: Traumatic aphasia in children: A case study
Source: Journal of Communication Disorders 1976 9(4): 281-288
Year: 1976
Research Design: Single Case Design

Traumatic aphasia in children has been recognized as a distinct clinical pathology, differing from adult aphasia in symptomatology and course of recovery. The upper limit for complete recovery has been identified as age 10. However, there is a paucity of literature documenting recovery of children with traumatic aphasia. It is apparent that definitive statements of the upper age limit for complete recovery from traumatic aphasia in children cannot be made at this time. This article reviews the literature concerning traumatic aphasia and presents case information of a 10-year-old traumatic aphasic girl seen at the North Texas State University Speech and Hearing Center. The design, execution, and assessment of therapeutic interaction and the observed language abilities of the client are reported.

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