Authors: Sacchett C, Byng S, Marshall J, Pound C
Title: Drawing together: Evaluation of a therapy programme for severe aphasia
Source: International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 1999 34(3): 265-289
Year: 1999
Research Design: Case Series

This paper reports a therapy study that aims to promote communicative drawing in 7 47-66 yr olds with severe and long-standing aphasia. Therapy was conducted on individual and group bases over 12 wks and entailed a range of techniques which are described in some detail. Treatment was evaluated using a novel generative drawing assessment in which Ss were required to draw absent items in response to photographic and conversational cues. Pre- and post-therapy assessments of untreated skills, such as comprehension, naming and gesture, were also conducted. The results indicated that, as a group, Ss' drawing improved. Unchanged performance on the other assessments indicated that the gains were specific to the content of therapy and could not be attributed to spontaneous recovery. Pre- and post-therapy interviews with carers (i.e. relatives and close friends of Ss) suggested that the effects of therapy were also being felt in the home. These results have important implications for therapy with people with severe aphasia.

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