Authors: Dicarlo CF, Banajee M
Title: Using Voice Output Devices To Increase Initiations of Young Children with Disabilities
Source: Journal of Early Intervention 2000 23(3): 191-199
Year: 2000
Research Design: Single Case Design

A multiple baseline study evaluated the effects of using voice output devices to facilitate communicative initiation behaviors of 2 young children who were developmentally delayed and nonverbal. Data were collected during snack time on specific communication behaviors. Both children increased their specific initiations. In addition, unclear initiations and adult prompted communication behaviors decreased when the voice output devices were used. Comparisons with a typically developing peer suggested the voice output device enabled both children to increase their specific initiated communication behavior closer to that of the peer. Results support the use of augmentative voice output devices with young nonverbal children. Areas for future research to more thoroughly evaluate the potential utility of voice output devices are noted.

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