Authors: Avent JR, Edwards D, Franco C, Lucero C, Pekowsky JI
Title: A verbal and non-verbal treatment comparison study in aphasia
Source: Aphasiology 1995 9(3): 295-303
Year: 1995
Research Design: Single Case Design

Evaluated the effectiveness of 2 treatment models on the communication abilities of 3 chronic aphasic Ss (aged 31, 50, and 56 yrs). The treatments represented a compensatory approach that incorporated written, gestural, and drawing modes of communication (nonverbal) and a restitution approach that incorporated accurate verbal sentence production (verbal). All Ss improved during treatment, but neither treatment emerged as clearly superior. Performance data during treatment showed no difference in conditions for one S, an advantage in the verbal condition for another S, and an advantage in the nonverbal condition for the 3rd S. Performance during the 3-mo follow-up showed an advantage in the verbal condition for one S and little or no difference in conditions for the other Ss.

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