Authors: Bingham MA, Spooner F, Browder D
Title: Training paraeducators to promote the use of augmentative and alternative communication by students with significant disabilities
Source: Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities 2007 42(3): 339-352
Year: 2007
Research Design: Single Case Design

The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of training paraeducators on (a) paraeducator prompting use of augmentative communication (AAC) systems, (b) paraeducator responding to student requests, (c) student use of AAC, and (d) student problem behavior via a series of multiple probe designs. Participants were three paraeducators and students. Paraeducators were trained on (a) importance of communication, (b) relationship between behavior and communication, (c) use of AAC, (d) how to prompt students to use AAC and respond to communications, and (e) how to self evaluate their behavior. All paraeducators increased the number of times they prompted student use of AAC and responded to student requests. All students increased use of AAC and exhibited fewer problem behaviors.

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